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Monday, 3 March 2014

cover art for Kevin Bryce's THE NIGHT LANDS

Interesting new cover art for Kevin Bryce's THE NIGHT LANDS
@copy; hal hefner
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What is interesting is that there's nothing like this in the original book by Hodgson: but it could very well illustrate a story from the Darkening. If this is intentional, it shows rather more attention to the source materiel than is usual in such things. If mere neglect, it is sadly typical.


  1. It could be, or be seen as the House of Silence.

  2. It is not a direct scene from the book. Much of Hal's work seemed to me to be in the spirit of the Night Land. This was a piece he had done several years ago that had inspired me during my musical interpretation of the book. I asked him if I could use it as an album cover and he kindly offered to redesign it to suit my needs.

    Speaking solely for myself, I think one of the enduring qualities of Mr Hodgson's book is how it presents a world so rich and full of nightmarish wonder. The image is not meant to be a depiction of any event in the book, rather it should be thought of as a glimpse into the world created by the author and reimagined by us over a hundred years later.

  3. Very fairly answered. I apologise for the snotty tone of my original post.

  4. No worries Andy! If anything it made me seek out the Darkening for further reading :)