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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Art by Maureen Shockey


 The Maid Of Olden days

Two pages meant to look as if from an illustrated "Night Land" (Which does not exist beyond these samples and a few more sample pages, alas)


© Maureen Shocky

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  1. I love the simple clean look of this art . . .

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  3. Sorry. My original post had some typos on it, so I thought I'd delete it and post it again (with the corrections, of course).

    I remember seeing these around when I first discovered your site; they still look as good as I remember.

    I really dig the look of the Master Montruwacan; when I first read the book, I always pictured him as one of those generic white-haired, bearded mentor figures (I even pictured him in one of those robes/cloaks that you always see characters like that wear in fantasy movies); thankfully for us Night Land enthusiasts, Miss Schockey is more imaginative than I am, and, in this and in ALL her other artwork that you've posted on the site, gave us designs that not only fit the characters but are also memorable and distinct.

  4. I very much look forward to revisiting The Night Land soon, thank you all for the kind encouragement!