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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

"The Dream of X" by Ian Miller

I once gave Ian Miller's graphic novelisation of M John Harrison's THE LUCK IN THE HEAD a rather poor review in INTERZONE.

Technically, purely in terms of how you compose panel narrative,I was correct: but I forgot to mention that Ian is a genius, whose talent transcends genre.

Mike too, I guess.

Twenty years late, profound apologies.

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  1. Love it. Oddly enough, my favorite part of this is the monster's head in the lower left-hand corner. The way it's obscured by shadow makes it somehow seem a lot scarier. I think my eye is drawn to it because its "gargoyle-ish" look contrasts with the more "Cthulhu-ish" look of the other monsters; even within a single illustration, Miller is a versatile artist, indeed.