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Monday, 3 February 2014

Great Redoubt Society: children at play (Artist SMS)




  1. A very impressive picture, as good as the best of the French comic artist and that is the highest praise I know. I had a look at the other work: just as great
    Tais Teng

  2. I love SMS's work and the detailed realisation of the culture of the Redoubt.

    I once wrote a story in which the protagonist came from the underground lands. It would be interesting to start fleshing out the culture there.

  3. you are forgetting "An Exhalation of Butterflies" by good ol' Nigel Atkinson. The first Night Land story ever.

  4. You're right and that is a beautiful story. I did forget (and it was an inspiration to a story of my own), but it's a rarity nonetheless. Think that some levels are the size not only of cities, but counties or even petty kingdoms. The interaction between levels, especially in the declining ages of the Redoubt offer opportunities for a lot of classic "conceptual breakthrough" stories, a la Aldiss' Non-Stop or stories about parallel or layered cosmos such as Bulwer-Lytton's The Coming Race, which we've incorporated into the mythos, Dr Strangelove's monologue about the mine shafts, even Dante's Inferno.